Sound of Destiny

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And suddenly there came a SOUND from heaven,
as of a rushing mighty wind…

Acts 2:2

Jesus your only Saviour

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Jesus your only Saviour by Ivan Ho 2 April 2020Covid19 is just a dress rehearsal of things to come in the last days. The virus outbreak is not as concerning as the global government’s measures to takeover your freedom. They can roll out another pandemic situation and impose drastic measures to completely overide your movements and choices. They can shutdown churches and public gatherings with short notice. They can threaten to kill you in order to safeguard the public interests of the society. We’ve already seen glimpses of what can take place in our world. The end is not yet, but we need to prepare ourselves.Your saviour won’t be your government nor the financial, religious systems of the world. Jesus is the only answer for mankind. Seek Him while He maybe found. There is no other way to eternal life, no other way to God the Father except Jesus Christ who died for...

Guard your mind, Guard your life

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Guard your mind, Guard your life by Ivan Ho   29 Mar 2020   “Our mind is like a battlefield”.  At times, random thoughts can enter our minds that are not of God. Other times, they are sent by the enemy custom made for you: they are wicked seed thoughts that comes from the enemy with the goal to lead you away from God’s destiny for your life. If you don’t guard your mind and screen out the thoughts that pop up in your mind, you will start to doubt God and the things that He has planned for your life. The thought: “He loves me, He loves me not…” is a thought of demonic origin, for God’s love for you remains the same even though the things may be collapsing around you, even though you may have lost your job or a loved one, even though the world is experiencing an unprecedented crisis at the moment….. even though you don’t...

Fight the good fight of faith

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Fight the good fight of faith by Ivan Ho 26 May 2020   When coronavirus broke out in Wuhan in November last year, the suppression of news and delay of lockdown of Wuhan city until 24 Jan allowed 5 million of Wuhan residents to travel here there and everywhere, with the travel hotspots in Asia and Europe being impacted the hardest. Maybe due to the ongoing protests in Hong Kong, not many Chinese like to come here to visit but it didn’t stop HKers from visiting China with thousands going to Wuhan. In a way, the protests have helped HK avoid massive outbreak of coronavirus in the city. However, there is recent upsurge of infected cases due to HKers returning from Europe and some from China. So far, thank God, our death rate remains very low. Last week, the 4th patient who contracted the virus in Wuhan died. I believe God’s protection is upon our city. Europe, however, is...

In Him we live

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In Him we live by Ivan Ho   23 Mar 2020   Your faith  Your faith over any virus and diseases is your faith, not someone else’s faith. That’s why Jesus said to the woman who was healed from the issue of blood: “YOUR faith has made you whole“. Mark 5:25‭-‬34Other people may not have that level of faith and they respond differently to the crisis. They do what are necessary to protect themselves and their families. We cannot expect everyone in the community to have the same level of faith when crisis breaks out. That’s why I said: the way to defeat the spread of coronavirus is to spread Christ. Until people receive the God kind of faith in Christ, most will respond in fear when crisis of this nature hits the society. The panic reactions we see in the communities simply reflect the level of faith, or lack of faith people have in God. If we don’t have...

Greater is He

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Greater is He by Ivan Ho 19 Mar 2020 Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.1 John 4:4   Jesus says “Greater is He (Christ) that is in you, than he that is in the world“. The world is presently experiencing and will continue to have all kinds of turmoils because the evil one is doing all kinds of evil things in the world through the sons of disobedience. The present coronavirus doesn’t come from bats nor does it come from nature ~ it is manmade and inspired by the devil. The devil has his partners in crime who are the wicked people carrying out their wicked schemes. What was deviced by evil men will end up judging them. The coronavirus will run its course in the world and then no more. This virus isn’t really the pestilence that Jesus foretold would happen in Matthew 24,...

Dream of marathon race

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Dream  of marathon race by Ivan Ho    13 Feb 2020, HKI have a dream this morning in which I see myself in a marathon race. It is like a video game in which I see the scenes I pass through unfold before my eyes as I am running. The settings are not somewhere I am familiar with and I have never seen any places I have seen before in my life. My impression is that it is somewhere in Asia, maybe Korea and Japan. The reason I say that is the fact that the roads are spacious and buildings are all well built , unlike any third word countries. Also, I didn’t see any highrise buildings like those in Hong Kong or Singapore. I also said thank you in Korean to someone along the way.There are two legs in the marathon. In the first leg, I was the last one who started the race. At one point along the race, there was a road in front and some stairs leading to a very bridge leading to another...

2020 Decade of Extraordinary Prophetic Fulfillment

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2020 Decade of Extraordinary Prophetic Fulfillment By Ivan Ho  1 Jan 2020   Happy New Year everyone, welcome to 2020 year of extraordinary prophetic fulfillment! Certain things in your life and mine are destined to happen – not because we have faith that it will happen, but because God has planted a seed in our heart. It does not matter if it is a big seed or a small one, if you nurture that seed, it will grow to become a mighty tree in the kingdom of God. (Luke 13:18‭-‬19) There were some things I believed would happen that never did and I thank God they did not happen “according to my faith” because God was never in it in the first place. In other words, there was no substance to my faith because it wasn’t based on what God says. Some false “faith teachers” have taken scriptures out of context and told us that: “If you believe, all...

Year of Extraordinary Prophetic Fulfillment

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Year of Extraordinary Prophetic Fulfillment   By Ivan Ho   1 Jan 2014   Prophetic fulfillment only happens when a seed has been sown i.e., a word has been spoken in heaven. The fact that prophetic words are to be fulfilled this year is because a seed has been sown last year, or the year before, or over a decade ago. Nothing happens out of nothing. A seed must be sown if we want to see any fruits. If we sow a good seed, we will bear good fruits. If we sow a bad seed, we will bear bad fruits.   When a seed is sown in heaven, it will always bear good fruits on earth. “Always” means without exception, but the seed that is sown in heaven must be received by someone on earth, and YOU can be that someone. It does not matter who you are, what your cultural background is, where you live, you can see prophetic fulfillment take place in your life, if you receive the word...