The indestructible life

on Jan 1, 2017 in 2017 | 0 comments

The indestructible life By Ivan Ho   1 Jan 2017   2017 started with a bang with fireworks going off around the world to celebrate the new year! Happy new year everyone!   After seeing the fireworks I got back and soon after I fell into a deep sleep. I couldn’t remember much after that as I was so tired. But what I could remember was this: I was driving my new car and as I made a swift turn around the bend, the car caught some object on the road on the passenger side. My initial reaction was “oh no, I just damaged my new car!” even though I could not see how bad the damage on the car body was. I was worried but decided to get the dent on my car off my mind and focus on driving to my destination. As I reached my destination, I began to check the car damage. To my present surprise, I could see no damage on my car at all, not even a scratch! I banged my new car...