What must “I” do to inherit eternal life?

on Feb 8, 2017 in 2017 | 0 comments

What must I do to inherit eternal life? By Ivan Ho    8 Feb 2017   The rich young man asked Jesus: “Good teacher, what must I do that I may inherit eternal life?” Jesus said to him: “Sell everything, give to the poor and follow me”. Jesus does not require everyone to sell everything in order to follow Him, but He does require us to let go of self to follow Him as our master. The problem with a lot of us is not in material things but in SELF: self centeredness, self agenda, self ambitions, self worth, self identity, self righteousness, self help… Basically, all false religions and self help materials out there have their starting point on the self. If one starts with self, he will end up in self. The person does not like certain things about himself and he tries to fix those areas in his life, or asks God to do so. Even though the intention may be...