Encounter of the God kind

on Dec 4, 2019 in Dreams | 0 comments

Encounter of the God kind


Couple of days before School of the Spirit 2019 I had a dreamĀ on Nov 22 in which I saw myself with someone on the deck of a big ocean liner. I haven’t met the person in the dream before but I believe we’ve met most recently!

Back on October 15 I had another dreamĀ in which I saw myself with another person who did not look like anyone I knew. I may have met this person by now with whom I am looking forward to connect.

Not for the first time, I have had dreams about someone before we met in real life.

God in His foreknowledge has already decided and planned certain people whom we would meet, or rather, are destined to meet. They are divine encounters engineered by God according to His predetermined plans and purposes.

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