Life governed by revelation

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Life governed by revelation By Ivan Ho         6 Aug 2016   Where there is no revelation, the people cast off restraint; But happy is he who keeps the law. Proverbs 29:18 NKJV   Where there is no revelation A person who does not have revelation from above has no God given purpose, no priorities, no plans, no principles and therefore no restraint. People without heavenly vision tend to conduct their lives just like anyone in the world. They are not guided by God given purposes and have no sense of destiny. Instead, they are led by circumstances and by the people and happenings around them on the earthly level. A person without vision is easily led astray for he has no focus, following his own senses and state of mind that is influenced by what happens on earth. When the devil throws a bait in front of him, he is gone. Once a person casts off restraint, he becomes a law to...

Dream of marathon race

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Dream  of marathon race by Ivan Ho    13 Feb 2020, HKI have a dream this morning in which I see myself in a marathon race. It is like a video game in which I see the scenes I pass through unfold before my eyes as I am running. The settings are not somewhere I am familiar with and I have never seen any places I have seen before in my life. My impression is that it is somewhere in Asia, maybe Korea and Japan. The reason I say that is the fact that the roads are spacious and buildings are all well built , unlike any third word countries. Also, I didn’t see any highrise buildings like those in Hong Kong or Singapore. I also said thank you in Korean to someone along the way.There are two legs in the marathon. In the first leg, I was the last one who started the race. At one point along the race, there was a road in front and some stairs leading to a very bridge leading to another...

Encounter of the God kind

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Encounter of the God kind   Couple of days before School of the Spirit 2019 I had a dream on Nov 22 in which I saw myself with someone on the deck of a big ocean liner. I haven’t met the person in the dream before but I believe we’ve met most recently! Back on October 15 I had another dream in which I saw myself with another person who did not look like anyone I knew. I may have met this person by now with whom I am looking forward to connect. Not for the first time, I have had dreams about someone before we met in real life. God in His foreknowledge has already decided and planned certain people whom we would meet, or rather, are destined to meet. They are divine encounters engineered by God according to His predetermined plans and purposes.

Dream 20.10.19

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Dream of police in shopping mall This is the dream I have on the early morning of 20 Oct 2019 in Hong Kong. I was in the lower level of a big shopping mall where I waived goodbye to a few people after dinner. Then I took an escalator upstairs to the street level, wanting to watch a movie. Arriving at the next level, however, I could see riot police wearing helmets everywhere inside the shopping mall and could hardly see any normal shoppers at all. All the lights inside were dim and the only light was coming from the street outside. Then I realised that I haven’t got a movie ticket and thought that only those with tickets were allowed to stay inside. Instead of going to the box office to buy a ticket and risking being arrested, I decided to leave the shopping mall immediately, seeing riot police patrolling around the arcade on the way out to the street.     My thoughts:...

Dream 25.07.19

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Dream 25 July 2019, HK I am seated on the upper platform of a small open vehicle with my friend seated on the lower level. I am manoeuvring this vehicle manually at night on the narrow streets of Hong Kong. It is not a motor car but a manually driven vehicle with two levels, and I am moving and turning this vehicle on the top platform with my hands. Then looking down I see a young boy dressed in black with a knief in his hand who looks like a fugitive running aimlessly around. I feel safe seated on the top platform but I am concerned that the boy may hurt my friend beneath as I try to steer the vehicle away from the boy with the knief. Then after a few turns I am thinking maybe I should jump from the platform over the boy to try to stop him, realising that my friend beneath has already left the vehicle. Then I see the boy lying dead on the street. I am sad to see this, not knowing if...

More than words

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Dream 15 Jan 2019 HK This morning I have a dream in which I see myself practising with my guitar for a talent contest. I am surrounded by some people who are in my group which I represent to perform the song item. I pick the song “More than words”, but as I start practising the song, I can hardly remember the first line of the lyrics. When I wake up, the first thing I do is to check out the lyrics to see if there is any message from heaven  above.  

A new season

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Dream 10 Nov 2018, Melbourne A New Season.   By Ivan Ho   When I woke up, I wasn’t sure if the dream I had this morning have any meaning at all but the more I think about it, may be God is saying something. In the dream, I was in a dinner function in which Arsenal player Ozil was an invited guest. After the dinner, I saw people mingling with Ozil, including my family. I then asked my dad to help me take photos of myself with the football star. I went up to Ozil, introduced myself, sat next to him and put my arm over his shoulder for photos. I said to him: ” I’m an Arsenal fan, are you looking forward to the new season?”. Ozil smiled and said: ” Yes, we have a new team!” Then I woke up. I believe God is saying through the dream that we are now entering into a new season in which He is going to do new things. He is going to put together a new team...