Characteristics of familiar spirits

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Characteristics of familiar spirits

By Ivan Ho

First written 13 July 2016


If there are familiar spirits operating in our life, we need to deal with them decisively instead of tolerate them. First, we need to identify these spirits and understand how they work.

The following are some characteristics of a familiar spirit:


1. Familiarity – A familiar spirit is familiar with a person especially his or her weaknesses. The familiar spirit aims to bring about circumstances to keep the person in bondage and defeat to his weaknesses. The familiar spirit also wants to carry these weakness traits down the family line. For example, a mother having a spirit of self pity or anger can have her behaviours resurfaced in her children neither because of genetic factors nor due to generational curses, but because of the workings of familiar spirits in the family. The only way to break its hold on someone is for him to submit to God, and make a decision to stop repeating the same ungodly behaviours in his life.


2. Relationship – A familiar spirit forms close relationship with his victim through communication and personal contact. There was an infamous incident in Hong Kong when a Feng Shui master formed a close relationship with a tycoon widow and cheated multi-millions of dollars and gifts from her. The man ended up in prison and thank God, became a born again Christian in the process. A person can be under bondage to ungodly soul tie to another person because familiar spirit knows his weaknesses and feeds his/her soulish and fleshly desires accordingly. A familiar spirit forms a close relationship with his victim with the purpose to break godly relationships and ultimately draw the person away from God. We need to break away from all ungodly soul ties, even close friendship and relationships that move us further and further away from God. We are not just dealing with a person but the spirit that person carries!


3. Deception – A familiar spirit uses knowledge he gathers from the person to keep him under deception. He works in disguise to keep his victim unaware of his schemes, appearing as an “angel of light”. A person is deceived because of his ignorance and often times due to his self defeating attitudes and behaviours that keep resurfacing. The moment a person decides to repent and change his ungodly ways to follow the ways of God, familiar spirits have no longer any power over him.


4. Counterfeit – A counterfeit is a substitute for the real thing and a familiar spirit is a counterfeit spirit, a substitute that people sought after to replace the Spirit of God. When the Philistines came to attack Israel, Saul was terrified and initially enquired of the Lord but did not get any answer from Him. So what did Saul do? He sought after a medium to give him answers instead (1 Samuel 28:5-7). So many people, when they are facing a need or a crisis, would seek God for answers, and when they don‘t get any answer that they look for or according to their time frame, would then look for answers outside of God. Some visit mediums, palm readers, feng shui masters and so on and unknowingly engage familiar spirits. All counterfeit spirits are demonic. People, including Christians, who have such experiences with familiar spirits need to repent and seek after Jesus as their only Lord and Saviour!

I pray that, if there are any familiar spirits working in our life, that God will bring light to those areas of weaknesses and break its power over us in Jesus name!


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  1. Hephzibah Stephen

    September 5, 2019

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    I have just lost my 6years relationship because they thought I am the cause of his financial break down, this thoughts always comes to me each time my fiancé cheats or want to cheat on me and this anger will rise that I must react, I will be so angry. I want God to deliver me and restore my relationship

  2. Jacob

    July 27, 2020

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    I dreamt a friend that was dead many years ago, came back introduced himself to my dad and walked into my home. I told him that you should not be here and have to go back to where you came from and asked him what’s the purpose you came looking for me…then i was awoke

    • Ivan Ho

      August 17, 2020

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      The spirits of dead persons cannot come back to earth. They either go to be with the Lord in heaven if they were born again in Christ or end up in hell if they are not in Christ. The time to make decision to accept Jesus is when one is still alive. After death, it would be too late.

      I believe the spirit of your friend you saw in the dream is a familiar spirit which is demonic rather than human spirit. You can command the demon spirit to leave in the name of Jesus!

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