God kind of faith 屬神的信心 2

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God kind of faith 2

By Ivan Ho  6 Jan 2019


God kind of faith 1

1. Faith in Christ

But without faith it is impossible to please Him, for he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him.
Hebrews 11:6

What does it mean when Paul says:  “Without faith it is impossible to please God”? What does a person have faith in? A lot of people say they believe in God but have very little idea about who God is, what He has said, what He is saying now, what He did and what He is doing amongst us today. They don’t have any real relationship with God, let alone have any desire to seek God personally and communicate with Him on a regular basis. It is like I always try to speak to you but you never respond nor proactively approach me and dialogue with me. lf this is how you relate with God, do you think such attitude would be pleasing to Him?

A lot of people only believe in the existence of God (or gods) in their minds but God does not have any involvement in their lives. “Without faith it is impossible to please God”  meaning: “Unless a person has faith in God, has faith in who Jesus says He is, and constantly approaches Him in faith to seek after Him, such person cannot possibly please God”.

… he who comes to God must believe that He is, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek Him”. What are the rewards? Paul is not talking about financial or materialistic rewards. Rather, God rewards the seeker of Christ by speaking to him and continually revealing more of Himself to him. No one ever prays sincerely to Jesus: “Lord, reveal Yourself to me, I want to know You…” and not receive answers one way or another from Him. Not so if the god that you seek is a false god.

Faith in God is simply believing who Jesus Christ says He is, that He is the only true God in the entire universe!

If I tell you who I am, you can choose to believe what I tell you is true or not. If you don’t even believe in what I say, not only do you disbelieve in my words, you disbelieve in who I say that I am.

“He who comes to God must believe that He is”. Do you believe Jesus is who He says He is?

Jesus never says that He is a religious leader or a moral teacher or a prophet sent by God. Rather, He puts Himself on the same level as God the Father, leaving no doubt that He indeed is God the Son!

I and My Father are one.”
John 10:30

When Jesus made that remarkable claim, He created a huge uproar amongst the Jewish religious hierarchy who thought that His statement was blasphemy.

Then the Jews took up stones again to stone Him. Jesus answered them, “Many good works I have shown you from My Father. For which of those works do you stone Me?”

The Jews answered Him, saying, “For a good work we do not stone You, but for blasphemy, and because You, being a Man, make Yourself God.”
John 10:31‭-‬33

Those Jewish leaders immediately tried to stone Jesus for blasphemy, for according to their laws, blasphemy towards God is punishable by death, and it is for His unique claim of Him being God that the religious leaders put Jesus on the cross. To His death, Jesus never denied His true identity.

Thank God, the resurrection of Jesus three days after His death on the cross proves beyond any doubt that Jesus Christ is indeed the Son of the living God!

Jesus answered them, “Is it not written in your law, ‘I said, “You are gods” ’ ?  If He called them gods, to whom the word of God came (and the Scripture cannot be broken),  do you say of Him whom the Father sanctified and sent into the world, ‘You are blaspheming,’ because I said, ‘I am the Son of God’?  If I do not do the works of My Father, do not believe Me;  but if I do, though you do not believe Me, believe the works, that you may know and believe  that the Father is in Me, and I in Him.”
John 10:34‭-‬38

Jesus reveals to us that He is the Son of God. Do you believe with all your heart that Jesus is who He says He is, the only true and living God who came and died on the cross for our sins, and was resurrected three days after?

When Jesus came into the region of Caesarea Philippi, He asked His disciples, saying, “Who do men say that I, the Son of Man, am?” So they said, “Some say John the Baptist, some Elijah, and others Jeremiah or one of the prophets.” He said to them, “But who do you say that I am?” Simon Peter answered and said, “You are the Christ, the Son of the living God.”

Matthew 16:13‭-‬16


And He began to teach them that the Son of Man must suffer many things, and be rejected by the elders and chief priests and scribes, and be killed, and after three days rise again.
Mark 8:27‭-‬31

Scriptures showing Jesus is God

historical evidence for the resurrection

To be continued…. God kind of faith 3


屬神的信心 2

作者: Ivan Ho   2019年1月6日


屬神的信心 1

1. 信心源於相信基督

希伯來書 11:6

保羅説: 「人非有信」是信什麽呢? 很多人都信有神,但卻不清楚所信的神是誰,神説了什麽,做了什麽,今天説什麽,要在地上做什麽,和自己有什麽關係? 更談不上要尋求祂,親近祂,與神同行。正如我不斷單方面和你說話,你卻從未有什麽回應,也不會主動來到我面前和我交談一樣。若你和神的關係只停留在單向的態度,又怎會得神的喜悅呢? 很多人所謂信神,只是頭腦上信有神的存在,但祂的存在與他們生活上沒有什麽關係。「人非有信,就不能得神的喜悅」, 意思是: 「除非人對神有信心,完全相信神就是耶穌所說的一切,用信心去到神面前,不斷尋求祂,便不可能得到神的喜悅」。

到神來的人必須信有神,且信他賞賜尋求祂的人」。賞賜是什麽呢? 不是說金錢或物質上的賞賜,而是説神必會賞賜尋求基督的人,與人説話,更不斷向他顯明自己。若人用信心去到神的面前去尋求祂,他必不會空手而回,必會得到神的賞賜。没有ㄧ個人真心向耶穌祈求: 「主,請祢顯明自己,讓我認識祢… 」,而得不到神答允他的禱告。但若你所尋求的神不是真神,他是不會回應你的。



因為到神面前來的人必須信有神」,你相信耶穌就是祂自己告訴世人衪是誰嗎? 耶穌從未有説祂是ㄧ個宗教領袖, 或只是ㄧ位「導人向善」的老師,或神派來的ㄧ位先知。衪明顯地把自己的地位等同於天父,就表明自己就是神的兒子!

約翰福音 10:30

耶穌這句説話當時帶來猶太宗教領䄂很大的騷動, 他們認為耶穌所説的是褻瀆神。

猶太 人又拿起石頭來要打他。 耶穌對他們說:「我從父顯出許多善事給你們看,你們是為哪一件拿石頭打我呢?」 猶太 人回答說:「我們不是為善事拿石頭打你,是為你說僭妄的話;又為你是個人,反將自己當作神。」
約翰福音 10:31‭-‬33



耶穌說:「你們的律法上豈不是寫着『我曾說你們是神』嗎? 經上的話是不能廢的;若那些承受神道的人尚且稱為神, 父所分別為聖、又差到世間來的,他自稱是神的兒子,你們還向他說『你說僭妄的話』嗎? 我若不行我父的事,你們就不必信我; 我若行了,你們縱然不信我,也當信這些事,叫你們又知道又明白父在我裏面,我也在父裏面。」
約翰福音 10:34‭-‬38


耶穌説祂是神的兒子。 你真心相信耶穌就是祂所説的, 為我們的罪被訂十字架,三天後復活的唯ㄧ真神嗎?

耶穌到了 凱撒利亞‧腓立比 的境內,就問門徒說:「人說我人子是誰?」 他們說:「有人說是施洗的 約翰 ;有人說是 以利亞 ;又有人說是 耶利米 或是先知裏的一位。」 耶穌說:「你們說我是誰?」 西門‧彼得 回答說:「你是基督,是永生神的兒子。」
馬太福音 16:13‭-‬16


馬可福音 8:27‭-‬31




待績 …. 屬神的信心 3

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