In Him we live

In Him we live

by Ivan Ho   23 Mar 2020


Your faith 

Your faith over any virus and diseases is your faith, not someone else’s faith. That’s why Jesus said to the woman who was healed from the issue of blood: YOUR faith has made you whole. Mark 5:25‭-‬34

Other people may not have that level of faith and they respond differently to the crisis. They do what are necessary to protect themselves and their families. We cannot expect everyone in the community to have the same level of faith when crisis breaks out.

That’s why I said: the way to defeat the spread of coronavirus is to spread Christ. Until people receive the God kind of faith in Christ, most will respond in fear when crisis of this nature hits the society. The panic reactions we see in the communities simply reflect the level of faith, or lack of faith people have in God. If we don’t have faith in God, we invariably react in fear. If I take my eyes off Jesus, I would sink.

If there is one thing that the coronavirus does, it brings out the best and the worst in the hearts of men. It reveals what we are made of, and no man seems to be spared from the test in the present crisis. If our immune system, ie our faith level is strong, we will overcome any virus attacks. Whatever our faith level, each person should do his part to protect himself and others from catching the virus.

The time to receive Christ into our life and to build our faith in Him is NOW. Now is the time for repentance and acknowledge that no man can live apart from God. What we are experiencing these days are just signs of worse turmoils to come. We need more men and women to have faith in Christ, and less panic reactions when crisis hits the society.

Not only does Jesus save us from eternal punishment in hell because of our sins, He is able to deliver us from the troubles in the world and all the vile schemes of the enemy.


In Him we live

Some of you may be in lockdown mode and are mandated to stay home right now. You may not be allowed to move physically to anywhere outside of your home. You may feel trapped, confined and bored to death.

If you are in Christ, however, you don’t have to feel that way. Whatever madness are happening in the world around you at the moment, whatever restrictions the government may be putting on you right now, you don’t have to feel let down. Note that Paul had been put in prison and being locked in a much more restrictive environment than most of us, but he was still full of the life of God! He did not have internet, worship music, not even the bible. Nevertheless, it was while he was confined in prison that the Holy Spirit inspired him to write many great books in the Bible. Whatever the circumstances you are in, you can draw life from the Spirit of God who dwells in you. For it is In Him we live and move and have our being. 
Acts 17:28

If we are in Him, we live!


God kind of faith

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