God makes us for His purpose

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God makes us for His purpose

by Ivan Ho 16 Aug 2020


Ever since you and I were born, we were being formed. First we were formed by our parents, then by our education, our culture, religious upbringings, our friends and people around us, the books we read and so on. All these influences form us to become who we are growing up as a person. Some are good influences but there are all sorts of bad influences in the world around us as well. We grow up to become the kind of person being shaped by all kinds of external influences upon our lives.

When Christ comes into a person’s life and he becomes born again, God begins a process of re-forming of the person from inside out. It is a major work of re-creation until the person becomes mature and fully formed in Christ. Often times, God has to undo a lot of the cultural and religious strongholds in our lives that we develop since childhood. To form someone in Christ is a process that takes years.

God designs and forms us since we were in our mothers’ wombs but the process of making does not end when we were born into the world. Moses had been called to deliver people of God from slavery before he was born. He was brought up in Pharoah’s palace for a purpose. His upbringings set him up for the unique assignment God has called him to fulfill later on in his life. But God had to put him in a desert for 40 years to re-form the man before God could use him to fulfill his God given destiny. God had to totally kill the old man in Moses and re-form him before he was ready to fulfill his call.

Jesus said to His disciples: “Come follow Me and I will make you fishers of man”. Christ is still in the business of making people today.


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