Dream of being locked out of room

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Dream of being locked out of room

Ivan Ho   5 Sept 2023, HK

In the dream I am crossing over a river to a place on the other side that I have never been before. As soon as I crossed over, I call my family members to advise them where I am going and tell them how to get there.

As I arrive at the venue, a man who is in charge of the place, whom I have never met before, greets me and shows me to the room where I will stay during the international conference I am attending. I can see at the doorway the room number 13 and enter in. While I am inside room 13, I Iook through the door and see across the corridor another room having the number 6 at its doorway.

I leave my belongings in my room and shut the door behind me and follow the man to the main hall. Then I want to call my family to tell them what my room number is but realise I have left the key and smartphone inside the room. I tell the man who has the keys that 13 is my room number, and ask him to open the door so I can access my belongings. However, he says he doesn’t know where room 13 is. I ask the man to turn back with me to look for room 13 from which we have departed. However, we walk around the block and see room 10, 11, 12 and so on but room 13 is nowhere to be found.

Then the man takes me to the dining hall where the rest of the international students attending the conference are gathering to have breakfast. I can see men and women including caucasians seating together for the meal. I wish to join them at the table but then I want to get back to my room first to get my personal belongings including my phone, but the man in charge would not let me in.

I am upset and while I am arguing and struggling with the man, I wake up from my sleep.


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