Dream of art exam

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Dream of art exam

Ivan Ho 27 Jan 2024, HK


In the dream I am in the exam hall of some kind of arts school.

I sit on the floor with a pile of large sheets of paper in front of me. When the exam starts, I have in my mind an image of an eagle that I am about to draw. In my mind, the eagle is spreading its wings and taking off to fly. However, when I start to draw the eagle’s head, I realise that the sheet of paper in front of me has been drawn on before and I can’t find any blank space to continue with my own drawing.

As I go through the pile of papers in front of me, each one has been drawn on by others before.

Then I see a man, a famous actor from Hong Kong in the past, standing in the background to monitor the exam. He looks at me with sympathy but offers me no help because according to the exam regulations, the students are supposed to bring their own blank sheets of paper to the exam hall, something I didn’t realise before.

Going through each sheet of paper in front of me, I can’t find any blank sheet of paper on which to draw what I want to draw. I then wake up from the dream at this point.


Thoughts on the dream

I believe the dream has some spiritual meanings and here are my thoughts :

1. I am going through a time of testing in my life which I must pass to go to the next level.

2. I have an image of an eagle in my mind which represents breakthrough, the picture of an eagle about to soar to new heights.

3. However, I won’t pass the exam without bringing my own blank sheet of paper which has’t been drawn on by others in the past. I (and other students in the exam) need to start something fresh that isn’t  been done in the past. In fact, what has been drawn by others in the past are hindering my own drawing.

4. The man monitoring the exam represents a celebrity figure from the past who is no longer active in the present. He is an actor who used to be well known in the Hong Kong entertainment industry but no longer active. He is kind of stuck in his traditional mindset and regulations and won’t be able to offer me any help even though he is sympathetic about my situation.

5. I need to prepare to start something new that has never been done before or else there will be no breakthrough.

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