Dream 19.07.20

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Dream 19 July 2020, Hong Kong by Ivan Ho   Trying to recall part of the dream I had this morning as follows: In the first part of the dream, I invited a Christian friend of mine to my house. I kind of showed him around my house and the furnishings in it.   In the second part of the dream, I was looking for my ID card.Then I saw 2 Caucasian women (my impression is that they are Aussies) warned me in English: “Stop teaching about certain aspects of Jesus (can’t remember exactly what it was). You should be teaching science and other subjects instead”. I refused to comply and said to her that I will continue to speak about Jesus.    

Dream of group photoshoot

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Dream of group photoshoot11 May 2021 In the dream I saw myself in a formal gathering with many guests in a beautiful hall. My cousin B was holding a video camera which he handed to me. I started playing around with the video camera, using my arm to adjust the focus distance, zooming in and out with the camera lens, while B was watching next to me. Then I moved to another hall and along the way I saw A sitting by herself at a big round dining table. As I walked pass the table, she was looking at me, but I wasn’t sure and did not say hello to her. When I arrived at another hall, I was standing in front of a wall alongside a group of mostly young people. Then I saw A walk up towards me and stand next to me on my left. She was dressed nicely in a white shirt and light blue trousers, and with light makeup. As the cameraman began to take the group photos, she leaned her face against...

Dream of beds in street corner

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Dream of beds in street corner by Ivan Ho on 25 Mar 2021   This morning I had a couple of dreams which I initially thought were really weird. In the first dream I am walking on the street where I see a row of beds lying on the street corner just outside the pavement. My bed is right at the corner. I can also see someone I recognise but not yet met in person lying two beds next to me on my right. There is no one on the bed next to me. Then I walk over and ly down on my own bed in the corner, looking at the person across the bed in the middle. Afterwards God gave me the interpretation: Destiny is just around the corner, it is getting nearer. We need to rest in God and stay in our own place of assignment.  I also believe the empty bed in between is the place of meeting, the place of God encounter. Position for God encounter  

Dream 25.09.20

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Dream 25 Sept 2020, HK I have some weird dreams lately which may or may not have any spiritual meanings. Last night I dreamed of myself putting on a batman suit and jumped off buildings to the ground, after seeing one man do the same first. The batman suit was too big for me so they helped me put it on by rolling up the sleeves. I imagined myself flapping my bat wings to slow down the fall like I saw someone did the same, hoping it would work for me as well. The first time I ran to the edge of the roof where I could see the sky and countless stars and people below. I thought I jumped but I was still standing at the edge of the roof.   Then I went up another building that looked like a university, possibly in Australia. I could see a professor in the background as I walked up the building to the roof. I jumped down the building from the rooftop with the bat suit, and did not seem...

Dream 15.06.20

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Dream 15 June 2020, HKIn the dream I am sent out on a secret mission to a foreign land.

The great awakening

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The great awakening Dream by Ivan Ho, HK.   12 May 2020   Yesterday morning (12 May) I was lying down on my sofa listening to a message on YouTube.  Then I fell asleep and had this dream: I am in a conference in which Dr Rodney Howard-Browne is speaking. While he is preaching, I see a sister in the Lord whom I met in another church some years ago walking in the auditorium. Her name is Carena. I see brother Rodney in a black suit preaching next to me about 10 feet away. I am thinking: “Should I go up to him and take a photo with him?”. Then brother Rodney begins to take up an offering and talks about some of his resources that we can purchase. I see sister Carena again filling the form to order the materials as I am pondering about the giving. Then I turn and look at brother Rodney and to my surprise he is lying down dressed in white and looking much bigger and fatter...