Vaccines and sudden infant death

on Apr 23, 2022 in Health, vaccines | 0 comments

Vaccines and sudden infant death When you are reading the following excerpt from a research analysis, you have already survived your first dose of vaccines as a baby. Sudden infants death syndrome (SIDS) came about when vaccines programs were introduced to infants since the 60s. There is another syndrome a lot of grown ups are suffering from: ‘Whatever doctors say must be true syndrome’ (WDSMBTS). “SIDS is defined as the sudden and unexpected death of an infant which remains unexplained after a thorough investigation, including performance of an autopsy and review of the clinical history. Although there are no specific symptoms associated with SIDS, an autopsy often reveals congestion and edema of the lungs and inflammatory changes in the respiratory system. In 1984, Congress held a hearing on vaccine safety. The suspected link between vaccines and sudden infant...