Shonan Christ Church

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Shonan Christ Church Japanese architecture studio Takeshi Hosaka architects has designed a new protestant church near the coastal region of Shonan, Japan. The single-story concrete structure’s long rectilinear volume is topped with a series of six gentle swells in the roof, all at different heights, allowing indirect natural light to illuminate the chapel within. On the interior, the roof’s peaks form a series of curved, concrete ribs, which are divided by panes of glass. This structure makes the ceiling appear to float, and casts radiant beams of light into the space.   Takeshi Hosaka architects about the design for Shonan Christ Church: A protestant church stands in a rich green residential area which is 10 minutes away from Shonan beach by foot. The chapel of the 50-year-old church became too small and it was therefore decided that a new church would be constructed on a...

Church of the Light

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Church of the Light Architects: Tadao Ando   In the small town of Ibaraki, 25km outside of Osaka, Japan, stands one of Tadao Ando’s signature architectural works, the Church of the Light. The Church of the Light embraces Ando’s philosophical framework between nature and architecture through the way in which light can define and create new spatial perceptions equally, if not more so, as that of his concrete structures. Source: Archdaily

Tadao Ando on the emotional power of architecture

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Tadao Ando on the emotional power of architecture The real importance of architecture is its ability to move people’s heart deeply. I am always trying to establish spaces where people can gather and interact with each other. By Tadao Ando Source: Architizer.com

Velez-Rubio Health Centre

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Velez-Rubio Health Center Architects: LosdelDesierto On speaking about Velez-rubio, it is inevitable to refer to the weight the landscape has on the population. Walking around the building becomes a permanent surprise, despite the constant repetition of the pixel effect on the skin of the facade. We could say that the exterior of the building has infinite faces and infinite moments modified by the impact of the sun, the lights and shadows, the people that comes and goes or those that placidly use the public space of the piazza that gives access to the building. In the interior of the cave the most luminous and privileged spaces are reserved for those who await their turn of appointment. Source: Architizer.com Archdaily.com

Proof of biofields? Dogs’ hearts found to beat in sync with their owners

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Proof of biofields? Dogs’ hearts found to beat in sync with their owners The concept of biofields – fields of energy that extend beyond the body – forms the major basis of many types of traditional, holistic and alternative medicine. Now, scientific support for this idea may have come in the form of an experiment performed on owners and their dogs.   Source: Natural News