Fight the good fight of faith

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Fight the good fight of faith by Ivan Ho 26 May 2020   When coronavirus broke out in Wuhan in November last year, the suppression of news and delay of lockdown of Wuhan city until 24 Jan allowed 5 million of Wuhan residents to travel here there and everywhere, with the travel hotspots in Asia and Europe being impacted the hardest. Maybe due to the ongoing protests in Hong Kong, not many Chinese like to come here to visit but it didn’t stop HKers from visiting China with thousands going to Wuhan. In a way, the protests have helped HK avoid massive outbreak of coronavirus in the city. However, there is recent upsurge of infected cases due to HKers returning from Europe and some from China. So far, thank God, our death rate remains very low. Last week, the 4th patient who contracted the virus in Wuhan died. I believe God’s protection is upon our city. Europe, however, is...