Change your diet, change your life

on Apr 19, 2020 in 2020 | 0 comments

Change your diet, change your life by Ivan Ho 19 Apr 2020People are used to certain kind of spiritual food like they do with physical food. I used to listen to certain preachers but not now. Basically I changed my diet.As an example, let’s say you enjoy eating KFC chicken and you eat it day in day out, your body is full of the same kind of stuff that you put in even though you may not realise it. The stuff that you put in regularly will either keep you healthy or slowly build harmful things inside without you realising it. People are not born with diabetes, it is all caused by the food they eat everyday. Western medicals will tell you to take pills until you die to control diabetes without healing your diabetic condition. The real lasting treatment is to change your diet.In the same way, if you want to have healthy and strong spiritual life, you need to be careful who you listen...