Idols in the heart

on Oct 20, 2016 in 2016 | 0 comments

Idols in the heart By Ivan Ho      20 Oct 2016   Before someone comes to the Lord, the idols that he worships are external. They are idols that he turns to for answers to his prayers, the false gods that he worships instead of Jesus. These idols are external.   However, when a person has come to know the God of the bible, he is either totally devoted to worship the one true God, or his heart can be divided. For the person who is not totally committed to Jesus,  idols have somehow found their way inside his heart. The idol is set up in his heart, occupying his thoughts, his will, his emotions. When that happens, that person has put himself in a precariously dangerous position in direct enmity with God. I say it again: that person is no longer in friendly terms with God but in direct enmity with Him. God does not tolerate idols! I would like to think that God still loves him...