Where your soul connects

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Where your soul connects By Ivan Ho   First written 11 June 2016   Your soul (mind, will and emotion) connects your spirit man either towards God or to the spirit of another man or even to demonic spirits. In times of crisis, loneliness, frustration, pressures and attacks of the enemy, your soul can be open to demonic suggestions or it can cling to the word and promises of God. Your soul can lean towards God or it can be led by demonic spirits: It is a choice that a person makes. A godly person guards his soul and keeps his mind and emotions under the direction of the Holy Spirit. An ungodly person disregards the Holy Spirit and follows only his heart‘s desires and his carnal thinking. A double minded person has his soul divided between godly and ungodly inclinations.   Waiting on God is not just moments of “waiting for a word from God” during worship and prayer...