Dangers of soulish prayers

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Dangers of soulish prayers By Ivan Ho   First written 11 June 2016   The dangers of soulish prayers when a person, including those in leadership, uses his soulish power to pray things according to his will and not God’s will. The same applies to “prophetic words” given by people who operate on the soulish realm that is not aligned with the Spirit of God. When a person uses his soulish power to will things into being outside of God‘s will, it releases demonic powers to latch on to that to try to cause these things to happen, and people would be deceived into thinking that it is God‘s confirmation. The devil works by deception and a person is deceived because 1. he does not know he is deceived and if he knew, he wouldn’t have been deceived in the first place or 2. he walks in deception and benefits from the deception. Demons can only have power over someone...