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Dream of building foundation         10 Sept 2015

By Ivan Ho


On 10 Sept 2015 I have a dream in which I see myself with a group of people working on the building of what looks like a double storey deep basement car park of a huge building. The basement is all white in colour and complete but its superstructure is yet to be built.


In the dream I find myself inside the double storey basement foundation of a large building.  I realise that the group of people are fellow coworkers working together in different parts of the building foundation. The impression I have is that it is a Christian project. However, it is not a church building designed solely for Sunday services. Rather, it is a building to be built for the community which can also be used for Christian gatherings.


As I am walking around the basement I can see that it is built in bricks and all in white colour. There are stairs leading to the ground level but the superstructure has yet to be built. The foundational work, however, is just completed as I move around.


Then I find a small pocket size digital camera in its case. As I pick it up I hear a voice telling me that the camera does not belong to me. So I hand over the small user friendly camera to its owner. I then see in my hand a big size camera, one with full functions and long lens, which I use to take pictures of the building.


As I look around, I see a man standing in a work suit. The Spirit impresses upon me that the man is a specialist in doing foundational and excavation works, that he is trained with the knowledge to do this all important foundational work which other people without the expert skills and training are not supposed to do.


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