My sheep knows my voice

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My sheep knows my voice

By Ivan Ho     First written 13 May 2016


It is important you know WHO is speaking into your life. Jesus says: “My sheep knows my voice”. Can you imagine not recognising your own father speaking to you on the phone?


There are many voices coming to us each and every day. It may come to us from the media, from the internet, from church members,  our friends or family and so on. Not every voice is from God.


In fact, there are typically 3 voices: God, man, the devil. Behind the voice is a spirit influence, the Spirit of God, the spirit of man or demonic spirits. If we don’t know who is speaking, we could be led astray!


People‘s opinions can fluctuate depending on their preferences , mood swings, or who they are listening to.


Only God’s voice is constant at all times: He is the same yesterday,  today and forever! If God told us something last month or 10 years ago, He doesn’t change His mind today and tell us something else just because we have a bad day!



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