New roof works

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Dream of new roof

By Ivan Ho   1 August 2016, HK


I am in a factory that designs and manufactures roof tiles.


We are in the process of making roof tiles which I have designed, a new roof system which has yet been released in the market. While we are still working on the tiles, news break out that someone from our factory has begun to release the new roof system in the market.


At first, we are all really happy and excited about the new roof system in the market. But soon news break out that there are problems with the coating on the roof tiles that are already in the market. The coating has not yet been fully done and its colour starts to deteriorate. The atmosphere in the factory quickly changed and we are really worried about the potential problems of the roof tiles already in the market.


In the next scene, I find myself visiting a building covered with the new roof tiles that I have designed. My father is next to me showing me the newly installed roof system. Unlike the tiles in the factory with incomplete coating, the newly installed roof tiles look beautiful in bronze colour. As I walk around examining the new roof works, I can see other visitors taking photos and admiring the new roof.

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