Dream 13 Sept 16

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Dream 13 Sept 2016, HK


I‘ve decided to put this dream I have this morning here as a record of my spiritual journey with God, even though it may not sound relevant to the people who are not in the dream. I will call the person I saw in the dream X, who is someone I know.


In the dream I found myself in the upper level of the backstage area underneath the stands of a stadium. I am trying to make my way to the stadium.


While I am at the backstage, I am aware what is going on at the stage in the stadium where X is doing public speaking. Before X steps on stage, however, I see X give a stadium crew a smack kiss on his lips even though they don‘t know each other, to my amazement. Meanwhile I am still stuck inside the backstage trying to make my way to the stands.


Then I see X delivering a message on stage. X is rather confident and casually speaking to the crowd, possibly preaching a message or something, and X tries to sound modern and relevant. X is dressing colourfully and the stage manners of X is very casual. I see X sometimes even half lying down on stage while speaking. I am anxious to run down to the stands as soon as possible to see X speak and to meet up with X.


Then I see X being embarrassed on the public stage where the staff around X are trying to help X pull up the colourful bottom garment which dropped while X was speaking.


Then I can see that there are still some vacant seats in the front rows near the stage as I try to make my way to the stadium. But then I realise I have left my bag at the upper level of the backstage and have to rush back 3 levels up to collect it, hoping no one steals my personal belongings. Then as I finally get out of the backstage and onto the outside of the stadium, I run into a couple who are old friends of mine. The wife further delays me by asking for my contact details and wants to take pictures with me. But I don‘t want to be held up by her and am anxious to get near the stage quickly where X is speaking in order to give X support and cover.

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