Dream of man centred building

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Dream of man centred building.    Date 13 Jan 2012

By Ivan Ho


An architectural professor was presenting to a group of students about a building he designed. He explained how different parts of the building functioned, to serve the various needs of man.

After the presentation, I met up with another architectural student who said to me how he disagreed with the professor’s design philosophy. I said to him: “I felt the same. Everything he designed was based on psychology to serve the needs of man, to make him happy. His design looks good and is popular amongst man but there’s something missing. There are no higher principles that govern the building. At the least there should be some symbolism in the architecture to show what it stands for….”. The other student agreed and said: “The professor’s design principles is the predominant philosophy today. We must build something different and time is running out….”. While he was speaking, I could see model crafts of cars, airplanes and the like behind him in the background.

This is the dream I had back in 2012.  Interpretation to follow..

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