Which F word governs your life?

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Which F word governs your life?

By Ivan Ho.   15 Feb 2017


God is looking for people of Faith.  It is by faith that we are saved. It is by faith that we are healed. It is by faith that we do great exploits for God. Without faith it is impossible to please God.


The word “Feelings“, on the other hand, has hardly been mentioned or emphasised in the Bible.

We are partly emotional beings as our soul has the capacity to feel things. Sometimes we feel good, other times we feel bad. Sometimes we feel glad, other times we feel sad. Our feelings can swing from one extreme to another in response to different external stimuli. Feelings are our soulish or emotional responses to the things that happen in and around us. We can watch a sad movie and feel sad even though we have no real reason to do so. That is why we can’t rely on our feelings to govern our lives.

I never hear Jesus say: “Your feelings has healed you”, nor does the Bible say “It is by feelings that you are saved”. A person who is led by feelings is moody, unstable and unpredictable, but a person of faith is always faithful, positive and acts according to what God says. The Bible says: “Walk by faith not by sight (physical senses)”. The word of God never says: walk by your feelings. We know that God is with us by faith, whether we “feel” His presence or not.


Then there is this F word: Fear. Fear is basically the absence of Faith. While faith is based on the word of God, fear is based on what the enemy puts in our minds. We all have some kind of fears we have to overcome: fear of failure, fear of lack, fear of rejection, fear of embarrassment ….. ultimately the fear of death. When God is present, fear goes away, for “perfect love casts out all fears”. When God is present, the enemy has to flee!


Faith leads us to God. Fear leads us to the devil. Feelings lead us nowhere.

Which F word governs your life?


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