Dream of woman on a couch

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Dream of woman on a couch, 19 Mar 2017, HK

By Ivan Ho


In the dream I am in a room where there is a big bed with white sheets in the middle. However there is no bedhead, only a Queen size bed mattress with white sheets on the floor without bed base. Seated on the bed is a young woman. I can see her but not sure who she is.

Then I see an Asian looking man dressed in white come into the room from behind and sit next to her.

Seeing that, I go and challenge the man for a fight, saying: “Let’s have a fight!”. Although he is bigger, I beat the man up but he persists in staying next to her. I fight the man again until he leaves.



Then, in the next part of the dream,  I see myself walking with a woman along the seashore of a beach. The woman was dressed in a light green swim suit. We seem to be in a 5 days church retreat in a beach resort area. In my mind, I wish the church camp would last longer.

Then I see the woman walking from the beach to the church camp building. She walks in and lies on a long white couch inside the room. It is like a discussion group in the church camp. She seems to be the centre of focus with a group of men standing around her.

I am standing and looking across the adjacent room from a distance and seeing her lying on the couch with a group of people surrounding her.



When I wake up at this point, I do not immediately understand what the dream is all about. About 2 weeks later, I believe the Holy Spirit begins to show me the meaning of the dream.

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