Double decade of open heavens

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By Dr. Jonathan David

The double decade of the open heavens, prophetic precision, strategic position and Spirit demonstration will see the end of sin age:

  1. It is the beginning of the Age of Righteousness and the beginning of the end of the Sin Age.
  2. The Church will be able to discern and identify and work with the Spirit of Truth, exposing the Spirit of Error.
  3. There will be an increase of Kingdom governance not only in churches but also in nations. This will bring the end of lawlessness of oppression and terror.
  4. The Church will move from good to great to glory of God in the highest. The mixture of the church of the Dark Ages will be exposed, rejected and nullified.
  5. We will learn to spend from the pocket of Jehovah and will not be totally depending on the world system. There will be a new order that will be established in the priesthood of Melchizedek.
  6. The approval of the dimensions of Samuel’s type of anointing and the rejection of the priesthood of Eli the Levi.
  7. The true prophetic flow and the access to the prophetic and proceeding word will put an end to counterfeit and false prophecies. False prophets and prophecies will be dismantled. The spirit of Balaam will not be found in the camp of God’s people.
  8. The Church built on the Pillars of Zion will end the territorial dominion of satanic forces. The Governing Church will patrol and police the heavens and shut the gates of hell.
  9. The new order of worship will be established when the church moves into Zion under the Order of Melchizedek while the false church will serve Jezebel and Babylon. There will be an invasion of the Spirit of Truth bringing light and life and the beginning of a fresh atmosphere.
  10. The inevitable manifestation of the true sons of God reveals maturity and explicit obedience. They will live by the law of the Spirit of Life.
  11. The Apostolic Church will emerge with a position of stature for dominance and governance for all the domains of the kingdoms of this world. We will be trained to exercise dominion in every domain.
  12. The full expression of the Order of Melchizedek and its eternal priesthood will bring the clear expression of Zion.
  13. The Church will move from reformation leading to restoration that will empower it to lead city transformation.
  14. The invasion of faith for the miraculous, signs and wonders will be a daily phenomena.
  15. Living the overcoming life by breaking the law of sin and death will result in living the indestructible life. The coming generation will overcome death and immortality will be reachable.
  16. True apostles will receive grace and apostleship for nation building. This strategic man will be sent to strategic places so that they create significant moves of the Spirit.
  17. The full manifestation of the Kingdom of God will express Zion under the Order of Melchizedek. Nations will be in revival and the increase of His governance there will be no end.

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