Dream 25.07.19

on Jul 25, 2019 in Dreams | 0 comments

Dream 25 July 2019, HK I am seated on the upper platform of a small open vehicle with my friend seated on the lower level. I am manoeuvring this vehicle manually at night on the narrow streets of Hong Kong. It is not a motor car but a manually driven vehicle with two levels, and I am moving and turning this vehicle on the top platform with my hands. Then looking down I see a young boy dressed in black with a knief in his hand who looks like a fugitive running aimlessly around. I feel safe seated on the top platform but I am concerned that the boy may hurt my friend beneath as I try to steer the vehicle away from the boy with the knief. Then after a few turns I am thinking maybe I should jump from the platform over the boy to try to stop him, realising that my friend beneath has already left the vehicle. Then I see the boy lying dead on the street. I am sad to see this, not knowing if...