Dream 25.07.19

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Dream 25 July 2019, HK

I am seated on the upper platform of a small open vehicle with my friend seated on the lower level. I am manoeuvring this vehicle manually at night on the narrow streets of Hong Kong. It is not a motor car but a manually driven vehicle with two levels, and I am moving and turning this vehicle on the top platform with my hands. Then looking down I see a young boy dressed in black with a knief in his hand who looks like a fugitive running aimlessly around. I feel safe seated on the top platform but I am concerned that the boy may hurt my friend beneath as I try to steer the vehicle away from the boy with the knief. Then after a few turns I am thinking maybe I should jump from the platform over the boy to try to stop him, realising that my friend beneath has already left the vehicle.

Then I see the boy lying dead on the street. I am sad to see this, not knowing if he was killed or he ended his own life.

Then in the next scene I see a young girl with a large bowl of orange yellowish melted icecream in front of her. This girl has been persecuted by the authorities and just been released from prison. I realise that inside the bowl of icecream is something nasty. The girl looks very happy at first as she takes the icecream, then as she digs deep into the bowl with the spoon, she finds the residues of cockroach inside, but she has already been eating from it. She feels very sad and desperate realising that the authorities has humiliated and poisoned her.


2019年7月25日 的夢,香港


之後我看到ㄧ個剛出監獄的少女。放在她前面的是ㄧ大碗溶了的雪糕,最初少女很開心開始食雪糕,但我卻心知雪糕裏面已被放她出監的當局放了ㄧ些毒物, 果然少女用匙羹在雪糕下面找到蟑螂的殘留,但她已進食,感到十分難過和無望。

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