Year of Extraordinary Prophetic Fulfillment

Year of Extraordinary Prophetic Fulfillment


By Ivan Ho   1 Jan 2014


Prophetic fulfillment only happens when a seed has been sown i.e., a word has been spoken in heaven. The fact that prophetic words are to be fulfilled this year is because a seed has been sown last year, or the year before, or over a decade ago. Nothing happens out of nothing. A seed must be sown if we want to see any fruits. If we sow a good seed, we will bear good fruits. If we sow a bad seed, we will bear bad fruits.


When a seed is sown in heaven, it will always bear good fruits on earth. “Always” means without exception, but the seed that is sown in heaven must be received by someone on earth, and YOU can be that someone. It does not matter who you are, what your cultural background is, where you live, you can see prophetic fulfillment take place in your life, if you receive the word into your heart. The word may come to you in a thought, or when you are reading the bible, or listening to a sermon, or it may come to you in the form of a dream and so on. When you hear the word from heaven and receive it, something supernatural/ extraordinary has taken place on earth. The word will be fulfilled as it was spoken: it’s just a matter of time. When Mary the mother of Jesus heard the word delivered to her by the angel Gabriel, she received it and said: “Be it done to me according to His word“.(Luke 1:30‭-‬38)

The moment she said that, the seed was supernaturally conceived in her womb. She did not fully understand what that word meant or how it would be fulfilled but that did not stop her from receiving it.

God’s purpose in heaven was fulfilled on earth because someone received the word.


2020 Year of extraordinary prophetic fulfillment


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