Dreams 3 May 2020

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Dreams 3 May 2020

by Ivan Ho


I am trying to make sense about couple of weird dreams I had this morning. In the first dream, I managed to break into a secured room to investigate the classified information and secretive files kept inside the cabinets. We seem to be inside some sort of high security research lab. Then while we were searching the files, I saw through the doorway the owner/ caretaker manager approaching the room from a distance. I and another spy quickly ran out of the room, as the third of our spy members went in. As I was anxiously running away and trying to warn our man who just went in, I literally rolled over and fell out of my sofabed and woke up from the dream 😵!

Mind you, I wasn’t watching any 007 movie the night before 😎

Any dream interpreter out there ??


In the second dream, I was outside a house in the garden area where I saw a Christian friend of mine during University days. I was looking at the garden which was maintained by my friend. Although I was pleased that he was maintaining the garden that both of us jointly owned, I could see that they were not done so neatly to my satisfaction. 



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