The weaker vessel

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The weaker vessel

by Ivan Ho   11 May 2020


Mother’s day should be celebrated together with Father’s day but that’s the world.

Some people who grow up in single parenthood unfortunately usually can only feel the love and care of their moms but lack the guidance and discipline of their fathers . In I Timothy 2:11-14, 2 Timothy 3:6, I Peter 3:7, women are said to be weak and people think it is discrimination against women, but we must rightly divide the word.

In my observation, many women are weak because of one thing: they lack bonding with their fathers either because their fathers being too busy with work or due to separation of their parents. God never intends to create woman to be strong on her own. Unfortunately due to the predominant spirit in our society, many women try to fight for equality and want to be strong on their own. They don’t understand that man was created first before woman was created. Deep down, women, if they are honest, need to realise that they are weak on their own. Women who are weak are all the while fighting to be strong. They need to first learn to connect with their heavenly Father, as well as their earthly father and father figures God brings into their life. Unfortunately this is often lacking due not to faults of their own but the absentees of their earthly fathers. Due to lack of fatherhood, they often look to bond with the wrong guys in the world which make them even weaker. When the woman tries to be independent of the man (father before marriage, husband after marriage), she becomes weak and vulnerable. 

Eve was under attack of the devil when Adam was absent. Some women don’t even know they are under attack and being enticed by demonic powers. The bible says that Eve was deceived not Adam. A person is deceived when he doesn’t know he is being deceived. It takes another person with discernment to point out deceptions in our life.

I don’t know why I am saying this but this thought comes to my mind and I believe it speaks to some people out there.

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