The rise of Saul

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The rise of Saul

Notes on I Samuel by Ivan Ho   29 May 2016

I Samuel 12


Saul was one of the saddest stories in the Bible. A man who had been anointed by God, called by God as commander of His people, touched by God, empowered by the Spirit of God, used by God to prophesy publicly….. then lost his God given position due to his carelessness and disobedience.

Let’s recall how God had special grace for Saul who had a great start to his ministry before his fall.

Wow, what an anointed, mighty man of God Saul was! What a great leader with the hand of God and grace of God over his life! Saul was what everyone would aspire to become, a man not only with good looks, but also anointed and empowered by God to be the ruler and commander of a nation, with great success over the enemies with signs and wonder to follow, and supported and loved by the people!

But his rulership and greatness sadly did not last. He would fall from grace and his kingship position being replaced by David, and died a tragic death. A great beginning but a sad end, all because of one thing: disobedience to the word of God!

To be continued…

David vs Saul


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