God is not a fortune teller

God is not a fortune teller

by Ivan Ho 12 July 2020


God already knew Liverpool would win the title this season before a ball was kicked. But if He revealed it to us in the beginning all the fun and competition would have been gone. God isn’t into match fixing either so every team, every player would try their best to win every match. If you are not a football fan, think about watching a movie. If someone told you the ending of the story right from the beginning, would you enjoy watching it as much?

In the same way, there are some things God knows must happen which He won’t reveal to us so that our faith in Him would not be undermined. Did Abraham know God would intervene before he sacrificed his own son Issac? Abraham didn’t know nor did Issac so that both their faith were tested. Abraham had faith in God that even if he killed his son that God would raise him from the dead.

There are some things God has revealed to some but not to others. Abraham did not tell his wife Sarah about the trip to Mt. Moriah to sacrifice their only son, nor did God tell Sarah about it. Our wrong assumption that if God tells the husband that he must reveal individually to his wife also. God, in His perfect wisdom, reveals to some and not to others.

Not everything God reveals to some are to be disclosed to everyone until its fulfillment. There are certain things God has revealed to me about my future that He may not have revealed to others.

We need to stay in faith in God when God does not seem to be saying anything about certain matters. God is not a fortune teller even though He knows every detail about our future. We need to trust in God who holds our future at all times.

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