Dream 25.09.20

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Dream 25 Sept 2020, HK

I have some weird dreams lately which may or may not have any spiritual meanings. Last night I dreamed of myself putting on a batman suit and jumped off buildings to the ground, after seeing one man do the same first. The batman suit was too big for me so they helped me put it on by rolling up the sleeves. I imagined myself flapping my bat wings to slow down the fall like I saw someone did the same, hoping it would work for me as well. The first time I ran to the edge of the roof where I could see the sky and countless stars and people below. I thought I jumped but I was still standing at the edge of the roof.


Then I went up another building that looked like a university, possibly in Australia. I could see a professor in the background as I walked up the building to the roof. I jumped down the building from the rooftop with the bat suit, and did not seem to hurt myself. I was wondering if I was flapping the wings in the right manner. After that, I went back to the first building but when I ran to the edge of the roof this time, instead of open sky, I saw a deep narrow alley below between two buildings. I hesitated if I would hurt myself landing on the obstacles projecting from the building on the other side.



To cross to our God given destiny requires us to take the leap of faith. God has equipped us with supernatural power to accomplish the impossible. Jesus has shown us before that it can be done and all we need to do is to learn and follow His examples.

Each step of faith will give us belief and training for bigger challenges ahead in life. 

If we look down we will only see the obstacles but if we look up we will see the stars signifying God’s vision and promises.

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