Unmasking the spirit of Jezebel 2

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Unmasking the spirit of Jezebel 2 By Ivan Ho    6 Oct 2021   Unmasking the spirit of Jezebel   4. Jezebel contaminates the water at the source   Revelation: Contamination comes from the top not from the bottom. If the water is contaminated at the lower streams, it will be washed away easily. However, if it is contaminated at the source, the whole supply of water will be contaminated. That’s why pastors who place themselves at the top of a pyramid structure are easy targets for the enemy. The spirit of Jezebel often aligns with and attacks people in positions at the top of the hierarchy. The woman at the well was drinking pure water from Jesus who changed her life, and she was used to impact the city for the kingdom of God. By contrast, if a woman drinks water from a polluted source, her life would be messed up and she would become a damaging influence to the people...