Warfares in the mind

on Mar 29, 2022 in 2022 | 0 comments

Warfares in the mind by Ivan Ho 29 Mar 2022 When Imaginations and Visualisations exalt themselves above the Knowledge of God, they become Strongholds that keep you in Bondage, until they are cast down from your Mind and your thoughts become subject to the obedience of Christ. When the thoughts of a person exalt themselves beyond the knowledge of God, he (or she) is putting himself in a precariously dangerous position to rebel against God’s words. When the serpent tempted Eve, he said to her: “Did God indeed say?” thereby challenging the authority of God in such a way that the person thinks he knows better than God. “The moment you eat of it, you will become as wise as God Himself”. That was the mindset of Eve: She saw (visualisation) that the fruit looked good and thought (Imagination) that it was desirable to make one wise, she disobeyed God and partook...