Dream of access to house

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Dream on 19 Oct 2017, HK

By Ivan Ho

In the dream, I see myself driving with my family who comes to visit Melbourne. Myself, one of my sisters and my mom are in the car.

I am driving them north to visit one of two properties of mine on the outskirts of Melbourne. When we arrive at the place where the big mansion is, I realise that I have forgotten to bring the key to the house. So I say to my family: “Let’s have a look at the house anyway. Next time we’ll come back with the key to access inside.”

So we get off the car to walk around and look at the big house from outside. The house is not a house that I have seen before in real life.

We walk up the house and look through the full height window at the front of the house where the living area is and my sister is really impressed and says: “It truly is beautiful!” The living room is elegantly furnished and decorated.

Then we walk up along the path to the rear part of the house where we see another impressive looking public space. I tell them that it is the family room of the house, another space that is connected to the living room . In this room, unlike what I see in the living room, I can see all the furnishings being concealed by coverings. This room is not rectangular but in some sort of polygonal shape defining the space with full height glass walls.

As we finish checking out the house, we find ourselves in a big and natural landscaped garden outside the house with lots of mountain like natural rocks.

Then suddenly we see a big group of people, mainly young Asians men and women, come in from outside, climbing the rocks and exploring the landscape garden. At first I am glad to see these people but then I think: “this is private property”, and so I tell the uninvited strangers from outside that they should not be inside the premise.

Then we get back to the car and about to drive to another place. I tell my family to time how long it will take to drive from the house to the CBD. I say to them that it is not really that far away and only takes about 20 to 30 minutes drive back to the CBD via the freeway.


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