Encounter of the God kind

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Encounter of the God kind


Couple of days before School of the Spirit 2019 I had a dream on Nov 22 in which I saw myself with someone on the deck of a big ocean liner. I haven’t met the person in the dream before but I believe we’ve met most recently!

Back on October 15 I had another dream in which I saw myself with another person who did not look like anyone I knew. I may have met this person by now with whom I am looking forward to connect.

Not for the first time, I have had dreams about someone before we met in real life.

God in His foreknowledge has already decided and planned certain people whom we would meet, or rather, are destined to meet. They are divine encounters engineered by God according to His predetermined plans and purposes.


Dream of a cruiseliner

23 Nov 19, HK

In the dream I am in a cruiseliner.

A guy comes up to me and tells me that a girl would like to talk with me. Then I think: I would also like to talk to her.  At first, I am thinking that the girl is someone I know.

Then while I am walking on the ship deck, I look over my shoulder and see a girl walk up to me from behind. She does not look like the girl I was thinking about before. Rather, she is someone else I do not know.

I ask her what she would like to talk to me about. She begins to tell me that she can hardly sleep lately and goes on to tell me things about her life. Then she holds my hand as we continue to walk along the ship deck together.

Then I wake up from my dream.


Interpretation and insights

21 Apr 2020


This morning I was pondering upon the cruiseliner dream I have last November. I asked: “Why cruiseliner, what is its significance?”  

Personally, I have never been on a cruiseliner. God shows me this dream to communicate His unique plans and prophetic destiny.

These are the thoughts that came to me regarding the meaning of cruiseliner.

1. Although people take cruiseliners for holidays, the symbolism in the dream does not mean to cruise along, but it does mean I am in a place of peace and comfort in the Lord.

2. The cruiseliner is a ship, it is on a journey, and the people in the ship are all part of the same journey. I did not see many people on the ship but the few I did see in the dream, especially the girl I was talking to, are my destiny partners.
Not everyone are called to be on the same journey together with me, but the ones God put on the ship are those who will share the same destiny in God.

3. Not all cities in the world have the harbour or the port facilities to accommodate international cruiseliners. For example, off my head, the ones having cruiseliner facilities that I have visited are Hong Kong, Melbourne, Sydney, Vancouver, Yokohama. There may be others but these are the ones I remember. I think a lot of major cities in the world do have cruiseliners and I believe my prophetic journey will have something to do with that.

4. Cruiseliner is a ship that crosses international boundaries. It is not confined within set borders. Wherever the Spirit takes us on the prophetic journey, we will get there.


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