Dream of marathon race

Dream  of marathon race

by Ivan Ho    13 Feb 2020, HK

I have a dream this morning in which I see myself in a marathon race. It is like a video game in which I see the scenes I pass through unfold before my eyes as I am running. The settings are not somewhere I am familiar with and I have never seen any places I have seen before in my life. My impression is that it is somewhere in Asia, maybe Korea and Japan. The reason I say that is the fact that the roads are spacious and buildings are all well built , unlike any third word countries. Also, I didn’t see any highrise buildings like those in Hong Kong or Singapore. I also said thank you in Korean to someone along the way.

There are two legs in the marathon. In the first leg, I was the last one who started the race. At one point along the race, there was a road in front and some stairs leading to a very bridge leading to another route. The bridge was straight and very long of which I could not see its end. I wasn’t sure which way to go and a relative came and told me to go up the bridge and I did. Eventually I caught up with everyone who were running ahead of me and won the race.

In the second leg, I seem to be leading the race this time, then I see an Asian guy running very fast and catching up with me. Then I keep on running and end up in a monumental place up a mountain where I find a bronze helmut that looks like one that is worn by Japanese ancient warriors. I put the helmut over my head. Then I see another Asian guy wearing the same helmut come up and talk to me. He says to me that I am invited to join a group of young people for an outdoor feast party. I accept the invitation and ask when it is, thinking it is some future date, and the guy says: “Tonight”. Then I realise it is Sunday and go along with the guy. I wake up from the dream at this point.

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