Greater is He

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Greater is He

by Ivan Ho 19 Mar 2020

Ye are of God, little children, and have overcome them: because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.
1 John 4:4


Jesus says “Greater is He (Christ) that is in you, than he that is in the world“. 

The world is presently experiencing and will continue to have all kinds of turmoils because the evil one is doing all kinds of evil things in the world through the sons of disobedience. The present coronavirus doesn’t come from bats nor does it come from nature ~ it is manmade and inspired by the devil. The devil has his partners in crime who are the wicked people carrying out their wicked schemes. What was deviced by evil men will end up judging them. The coronavirus will run its course in the world and then no more.

This virus isn’t really the pestilence that Jesus foretold would happen in Matthew 24, just a forewarning of what will come during the end times. As Jesus says: “the end is not yet”.

If Christ is in you and you abide in His presence, He that is greater will overcome any virus and turmoils caused by he that is operating in the world. We need not fear because our faith is in He that is in us who is far greater than he that is in the world. The time to receive Jesus into your life is NOW, if you have not already done so. Not only will Christ save us from sin and death, He will save us from all the turmoils and pestilences that occur in the world. Have FAITH in Christ!


The kingdom of God is within you

Now when He was asked by the Pharisees when the kingdom of God would come, He answered them and said, “The kingdom of God does not come with observation; nor will they say, ‘See here!’ or ‘See there!’ For indeed, the kingdom of God is within you.”
Luke 17:20‭-‬21


The kingdom of God cannot be shutdown nor can it be limited because it is not external. If Christ is in you, His kingdom is within you. The more of Christ increases in your life, the more will the kingdom of God enlarge and manifest in and through you.


Of the increase of His government and peace there will be no end. Isaiah 9:7

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