Dream of future family and business

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Dream 15 June 2020, HK

In the dream I am sent out on a secret mission to a foreign land.

I am staying in a hotel room by myself. Then I have a dream in which I see an Asian girl I never seen before embrace me from behind and wrap her arms around me.

Then I join up with a team member who tells me during our conversation that the girl I dreamt of is someone sent by the enemy’s camp to seduce me.

Then in the next scene, I find myself in a dim room with a guy. We are sitting around a big circular table on which there are some loose papers. The guy begins to tell me things about me, things that will take place. I ask him: “Are you prophesying over me? I better write down these things then”. I try to take notes on the papers on the table but all the papers I find are already full of writings, and I try to write on any blank spaces. Then I find one blank sheet of paper and continue writing.

The guy tells me I am going to connect with a special person. This man is a top businessman who is able to link up 3 different parties for the business deal on some sort of tea product?  The man is a Japanese and does not trust people easily. Then I realise why I am married to someone who would help me connect with this Japanese businessman. I can recognize the face of my wife. Then I see myself, my wife and our child having dinner gathering with the Japanese man in a nice restaurant.

I wake up from my dream at this point.

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