Prophetic words 04.11.20

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Prophetic words

Ivan Ho    4 Nov 2020


Last night our house church gathered as usual but it wasn’t a usual night. After worship, I volunteered to replace the person who was absent to be interviewed by other house church members. The following is a record of the prophetic words given to me by various group members.

1. Courage and desire to share gospel with foreign land

2. Strong foundation on the word of God

3. Picture of land flowing with milk and honey and a ladder to reach there

4. Picture of an umbrella over me

5. Peace over my life in difficult times

The above prophetic words were given by different brothers and sisters in our house church.

After I went home, I messaged a brother whether he too had a word for me during the meeting. Sure enough he did see a picture which he didn’t feel comfortable to share during the meeting, as follows:

6. Picture of a red horse

When he saw the red horse, he was thinking about the story of the Three Kingdoms in ancient China, that the war horse was on my side and gave me protection. It reminds me of a famous red horse known as 赤兔馬 (Red Hare) during the Three Kingdoms era ridden by generals in many war battles. 


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