Dream of beds in street corner

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Dream of beds in street corner

by Ivan Ho on 25 Mar 2021


This morning I had a couple of dreams which I initially thought were really weird.

In the first dream I am walking on the street where I see a row of beds lying on the street corner just outside the pavement. My bed is right at the corner. I can also see someone I recognise but not yet met in person lying two beds next to me on my right. There is no one on the bed next to me. Then I walk over and ly down on my own bed in the corner, looking at the person across the bed in the middle.

Afterwards God gave me the interpretation: Destiny is just around the corner, it is getting nearer. We need to rest in God and stay in our own place of assignment.  I also believe the empty bed in between is the place of meeting, the place of God encounter.

Position for God encounter


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