Dream 11.05.21

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Dream 11.05.21
11 May 2021

In the dream I saw myself in a formal gathering with many guests in a beautiful hall. My cousin B was holding a video camera which he handed to me. I started playing around with the video camera, using my arm to adjust the focus distance, zooming in and out with the camera lens, while B was watching next to me.

Then I moved to another hall and along the way I saw A sitting by herself at a big round dining table. As I walked pass the table, she was looking at me, but I wasn’t sure and did not say hello to her.

When I arrived at another hall, I was standing in front of a wall alongside a group of mostly young adults. Then I saw A walk up towards me and stand next to me on my left. She was dressed nicely in a white shirt and light blue trousers, and with light makeup. As the cameraman began to take the group photos, she leaned her face against me. I then adjusted my stance and leaned towards her as well. I then woke up from my dream at that point.

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