Dream in a ferry

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Dream in a ferry

19 Nov 2022, HK

In the dream I am in the lower deck of a ferry in HK full of passengers.

Then I see G come in to share her testimony to the crowd who are mostly lower middle class society of HK, as we are in the lower deck. She shares her testimony briefly, then goes on to share a prophetic word she received from God concerning her and Ivan.

After she finishes I go inside another area of the ferry as I ponder about G’s testimony. Then I come across J who asks me about G’s prophetic word. I say to him: “How do I know which person she is talking about?” even though deep inside I know she is taking about me. I am thinking: it can happen as soon as in one day because of the prophetic word.  J tells me to go and clarify with G about her prophecy. So I walk back to the other side of the ferry where I ask her about her prophetic word. G, who is wearing her glasses, just laughs wholeheartedly.

I wake up from the dream at this point.

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