Dream of being witnesses

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Dream of being witnesses

Ivan Ho  22 Mar 2023, HK


On the night just before I went to bed, I prayed to God that if it was His will, let me have a confirmation dream.

Sure enough I have had a dream as follows:

In the dream, I and G were both eye witnesses of a murder case. We are about to take our stand individually as witnesses.

Although it’s like we are witnesses in a court trial, the setting is not in court but looks more like some sort of workplace having full height glass partitions. I am in one area of the workplace whereas G is sitting in another room as we prepare how to present our speeches.

I walk up to where G is to discuss with her our presentation. She is seated in a big green single seat sofa with wide arm rests on both sides. Looking at her from a distance, I notice that G’s face is full of speckles. 

She is sitting next to and holding the arm of a girl who is seated on her left armrest as another guy comes and seat on the armrest on her right. G seems to be distancing from the guy who is just trying to listen but close to the girl on her left. I have never seen either of them before.

Inside the room I can see a big board on which the opposition team has written down a list of their strategies, and on top of the list is “intimidation”.

I say to G: “Beware of intimidation and other tactics of the enemy. Just stay calm and cool and tell the truth as it is”. G gets up from the sofa and replies me in English:  I will stay calm…”, then she continues to speak to me in Cantonese.


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