Dream 11.05.21

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Dream 11.05.2111 May 2021 In the dream I saw myself in a formal gathering with many guests in a beautiful hall. My cousin B was holding a video camera which he handed to me. I started playing around with the video camera, using my arm to adjust the focus distance, zooming in and out with the camera lens, while B was watching next to me. Then I moved to another hall and along the way I saw A sitting by herself at a big round dining table. As I walked pass the table, she was looking at me, but I wasn’t sure and did not say hello to her. When I arrived at another hall, I was standing in front of a wall alongside a group of mostly young adults. Then I saw A walk up towards me and stand next to me on my left. She was dressed nicely in a white shirt and light blue trousers, and with light makeup. As the cameraman began to take the group photos, she leaned her face against me. I then...

The two sons of Abraham

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  The two sons of Abraham by Ivan Ho 4 May 2021   There are typically two contrasting characters operating within the church: those who are of the Spirit vs those who are of the flesh. Both are living in the same house but they are fighting and struggling with each other within the same household. Abraham had two sons, Issac who was born according to the promise, and Ishmael who was born in the flesh. They represent two forces struggling with each other within the same family. Jesus often spent time with His Father and only did what He saw the Father doing. Those who are of the spirit are empowered by the Spirit of God, they follow the guidance and leading of the Spirit to do the will of the Father. When nothing seems to be happening in the physical realm, it doesn’t mean that things aren’t taking place in the spirit realm. Mind you, since God spoke through the...